Thursday, April 28, 2011

Empires - The Snake The Cross The Crown

Taken from the album "Mander Sails" from 2004, The Snake The Cross The Crown blends together folk, rock, and post-rock together to create a unique, transient sound. This particular song, "Empires" has a very folk 'twang' sound using the electric guitar, mixed Kevin Jones' growing, smooth voice and a nice rock drum beat. Midway through the song, the sound switches to a more 'rock' sound, similar to the rest of the album.

Not my favorite album of all time - but check out the tracks "Empires" and "A Brief Intermission" if you're a folk fan!


  1. Heh, I hate to be that guy that agrees, but I thought it was alright. Maybe there is something else by them that I would like more.

  2. Awesome track, thanks, gonna check the album out

  3. God I am so glad I have you to keep me up to date on good music!